Crowns, or dental caps, are used for both restorative and cosmetic dentistry. Crowns can help enhance the visual appearance of discolored, chipped or otherwise traumatized front teeth, and can also be used to rebuild teeth that have suffered extensive decay, breaks, or other issues that have caused them to lose strength.

Unlike composite fillings, which fill or cover only a portion of a tooth-- a crown is a type of dental restoration intended to cover the entire tooth from the gum line up.  Cemented onto your child's natural tooth, a crown effectively serves as your child's tooth’s new surface because it completely covers their natural tooth.

As a pediatric dental practice, Greater Boston Smiles usually offers stainless steel crowns for the back/posterior teeth of the mouth and tooth colored composite resin crowns for the front/anterior teeth. The stainless steel crowns have the advantage of being held onto the tooth by a cement that releases fluoride continuosly therefore adding an additional therapeutic benefit to the tooth.