After all other options have been explored, Greater Boston Smiles would recommend a tooth extraction only in the most extreme of cases where another method of saving the tooth is not available.

For example, if a tooth’s roots are damaged beyond repair, traditional restorative methods like root canal therapy would be impossible, necessitating the extraction of the traumatized tooth to maintain the overall health of the mouth.

However, tooth extractions may also be performed on an elective basis due to crowding of the developing dental arches and/or for orthodontic purposes.

In our office, we attempt to provide as much ease and comfort during extractions as possible. We numb the area using local anesthetic (and distract your child from the needle using various methods). We also offer nitrous oxide (laughing gas) in combination with oxygen to relax and calm your child; laughing gas is administered through a small mask that comfortably fits over your child's nose.